Take a Peek: Powering Your Ecommerce Business with Facebook


Are you having problems with your ecommerce strategy? Not getting enough traffic and sales and losing money in the process?

This past month, we have been swamped with requests from business owners for us to look at their overall ecommerce strategy and well, yes we agreed to look at them and help them achieve the results that they want.

Ok, well, we may have bitten more than we can chew and probably have accepted too much at once but we continue to work with them we’ve already realized a whole lot and we want to share this with all of you and how you can improve your own ecommerce business.

We realized that you can take your ecommerce business to the next level with Facebook.

To be specific – Facebook ads.

It’s a very powerful platform. Billions of users, millions of users active at the same time. If you’re looking for traffic, where else can you find a much better one, right?

All About Targeting

The Facebook Ads secret sauce is all about targeting. Target the wrong people and it all goes downhill from there. Your conversions go down the drain, your costs start to go up and the next thing you know you’re paying $5 for just a single email sign up.

Imagine how much you’re paying for actual customers to buy your product through your ads.

If you want to power up your ecommerce business, make sure you’re targeting is on point.

Funnel Development: Leads + Sales

One of the strategies we’ve developed while working with these clients is using a two-pronged attack. It’s combining getting leads and sales in your funnel.

It’s all about funnel development. Develop it the right way and your conversions can go way up, costs can go down.

So what’s the secret?

What is something that you can offer for your prospective buyers so that they entrust their email address to you AND pull the trigger at the same time? Coupons.

Offer a coupon, any, whatever it is that you can give them. Be it a 50%, 25%, Buy 1 Get 1, Free Trial. Any will work.

Use the coupon as a lead magnet, if they want their coupon, and trust me lots of would-be buyers will want to get that coupon.

Now, you have their email address and that coupon is going to be something that’s going to push them over the edge and buy.

Follow Up

As they say, “The money is in the follow up.”

What does that mean for you? Email and lots of them. Develop an autoresponder sequence where you can take advantage of their initial coupon purchase and follow up and upsell them on other offers that you have.

So, if you’re selling shirts, upsell them on shorts, pants, or any of your other products. As an ecommerce business your upsell opportunities are endless.

Now, we’ve just started the work on these campaigns, we’re just a month in and we know that there’s more that we can learn from these ecommerce companies that we’re working with.

We’re making this some sort of a running journal of the things that we’re doing with our clients on the other services that we do and we’re calling the “Take a Peek” series.

So stay tuned for more of our interesting peeks and the things that we have learned and will share with our experiences with our clients. From simple observations to full blown case studies we’re going to have that for you.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Tell us about your experience when it comes to Facebook and Ecommerce. We’re excited to know.

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